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Export Logistics & Shipping, LLC (ELS) is a unique "one stop" transportation company that offers professional advice for the international transport of your cargo. We are independent agents that take the lead by arranging a niche service for domestic and international heavy machinery traders, who prefer to deal with a single point of contact.

ELS' specialty is the international transport of oversized, earthmoving machinery such as cranes, excavators, loaders, dozers, dump trucks,wheel loaders, motor graders and many others. We also offer transport of break bulk and towable aggregate mining machinery such as impact crushers and screeners. Other shipping arrangements can be made for boats, yachts, caravans, travel trailers, forestry equipment and agricultural machinery such as tractors, and harvesters.

Our client base is made up of global machinery traders that look forward to, and expect "one on one" personal service when arranging the transport of their cargo. We streamline the process for our clients, reviewing the details of the transaction, and assess the transport options of full container, less than container load, roro, break bulk, air freight or trucking. We then form a customized, cost effective solution for each shipment. At the same time, we guide our clients through the transportation process.

Why choose ELS?
We provide answers for managing the most challenging shipments.
We are dedicated to meeting the clients' unique transportation needs.
We provide efficient routing and quick transit times.
We offer extremely competitive transport rates.
We are committed to satisfying our customers
We pride ourselves for remarkable customer service while delivering on time and on budget.

ELS has forged strategic partnerships with service providers around the world. We advise these providers acting as a "point person" by making decisions on behalf of our customers. We are fortunate to have access to transport opportunities to and from any port, city, country or continent. Our expertise of 25 years has allowed us to work with a handful of freight forwarders whose handling of operations ensures your shipment runs smoothly from beginning to end.

ELS offers a range of "Services" that include; washing, packing, containerizing, Customs validation for self-propelled vehicles, legalization, mechanical work, and surveys.

Visit our "Contact" page for questions or comments. For rate inquiries answered within 24 to 48 hours go to the "Request a Rate" page.

We can help you with even the most unusual shipment!



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