Cargo Survey

Licensed, certified surveyors are available at your chosen loading location, origin port or destination port.

cargo inspection

Packing Services and Containerization

Container loading, packing and crating services are offered throughout the U.S. for any type of cargo including self-propelled machinery.


Mechanical Services

At times, it is necessary to dismantle and/or re-assemble machines to reduce transport costs. These services, as well as repair and mechanical services can be arranged at or near any port of departure.


  • Wash Services
  • Ocean carriers regularly enforce strict cleanliness standards prior to machinery and parts loading a vessel for export. We can arrange power washing for your cargo at any U.S. departure port.

dirty tracks


  • Customs Validations

  • U.S. Customs requires every self-propelled vehicle leaving the United States to be cleared for export 72 hours prior to the vessel arrival. We can present the documents required by Customs at all U.S. ports of departure.

intl trade


  • Legalization

  • Many foreign countries require shipping documents to be legalized for entry at destination. We can have your documents legalized at the Chamber of Commerce and Consulate to fulfill these country requirements.

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